martedì 9 luglio 2019

Teaser Tuesday #230

Ed ecco di nuovo la rubrica settimanale Teaser Tuesday, creata dal blog Should Be Reading, che si divide in poche, semplici fasi:
1_ prendi il libro che stai leggendo
2_ apri una pagina a caso
3_ scrivi un breve brano (stando attenti a non spoilerare)
4_ scrivi titolo e autore

A few days later we had each received a written summons to attend the Royal Council. "I cannot contemplate sitting around a table with a bunch of greybeards discussing the king's finances," Edmund grumbled. "I must look to my own affairs and that means inspecting the meagre estates as yet granted to me. I will leave tomorrow for Leicestershire, as planned."
"It is our first summons from the king, Edmund - a honour. He will expect us to attend." Despite my warning I understood his wish to visit his new estates. I, too, wanted to go to Wales but a series of disputes onver lordships connected to the Pembroke earldom were hampering my possession of many of its manor. I had to wait for the Council to settle these.
"You have business there anyway, Jas, so you can keep me up to date with what happens and make my excuses. There is no need for us both to go." Edmund flashed one of his disarming smiles, slapped me on the back and departed, leaving me irritated but resigned.
As it turned out the retrival of the Pembroke lands was achieved without difficulty and no comment was made about Edmund's absence. He returned in time to take his seat with the Lords and hear the petition read in which the king publicly proclaimed us as his brothers, although since we were related through our mother and bore only French royal blood, we were barred from any succession to the English throne. Once passed, the same Act of Parliament also enstablished that our earldoms were not just for life but could be inherited by our legitimate male heirs. I should have been a proud and happy man, had not been for Edmund's muttered remark after hearing the Act read.
"Well, if a son of mine can inherit my earldom of Richmond, it surely follows that he can also inherith his mother's titles and honours, including any line of succession she may have to the English throne."
 - First of the Tudors, Joanna Hickson

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