martedì 16 ottobre 2012

Teaser Tuesday #1

Teaser Tuesday è una rubrica settimanale creata dal blog Should be Reading. E' molto carina e si compone di poche, semplici, fasi:
1_ prendi il libro che stai leggendo
2_ apri una pagina a caso
3_ scrivi un breve brano (stando attenti a non spoilerare)
4_ scrivi titolo e autore

Then Arthur took the sword tow handed by its quillions. There was golden writing on the stone, but he did not stop to read it. The sword seemed to thrill under his touch as a harp thrills in response to his master's hands. He felt strange, as though he were on the point of learning some truth that he had forgotten before he was born. The thin winter sunlight was so piercing-bright that he seemed to hear it; a high white music in his blood.
  - The King Arthur Trilogy, Rosemary Sutcliff

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