martedì 27 ottobre 2015

Teaser Tuesday #138

Ed ecco di nuovo la rubrica settimanale Teaser Tuesday, creata dal blog Should Be Reading, che si divide in poche, semplici fasi:
1_ prendi il libro che stai leggendo
2_ apri una pagina a caso
3_ scrivi un breve brano (stando attenti a non spoilerare)
4_ scrivi titolo e autore

"There is no lost love between Morgause and myself," he said at last. "And I prefer not to speak of her. Although I did not wield the weapon, she blames me for Lot's death, and perhaps a good deal more. I have taken in Gawain and his younger brother Gaheris because they are my nephews, and are proud, honest young warriors. And I will welcome Agravain and Gareth at court as well, when they are old enough. But their mother must never presume to call upon me as kin. I will not allow it."
His voice was strained and dense, and unexpectedly cold for a man who generally radiated life and energy. It was clear that whatever trouble lay between brother and sister was not likely to be mended soon.
As we came to the clearing he went down on one knee and put the lead on Caesar's collar, pausing for a moment with his hand on the circlet of flowers that graced the pup's neck.
Suddendly Arthur took hold of my hand and looked up at me.
"I didn't mean to speak so harshly, Gwen. I... I just can't talk about my sister, that's all. It's not that I want to exclude you... but I have no way to explain about Morgause. And I'd appreciate it if the subject did not come up again."
 - Child of the Northen Spring, Persia Woolley

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