martedì 19 febbraio 2013

Teaser Tuesday #17

Ed ecco di nuovo la rubrica settimanale Teaser Tuesday, creata dal blog Should Be Reading, che si divide in poche, semplici fasi:
1_ prendi il libro che stai leggendo
2_ apri una pagina a caso
3_ scrivi un breve brano (stando attenti a non spoilerare)
4_ scrivi titolo e autore

"He was just... in  the road. Walking. It was dark. There aren't any lights out there. I didn't seen him until he bounced off my hood."
That woke me up - a little, anyway.
"Bounced off... you hit him?"
"He's doing fine," the actress said quikly. "That's why I wanted to help you. I knew he must have come from the farm. I asked around, and George told me about you. He said you came together. You must have been worried sick when he went out and didn't come back... "
"I managed," I said.
"He really wants to see you. I told him you were here, and he's just been asking for you over and over."
"Really" I said. "He's asking for me? Where is he?"
"He's here. And he asks about you all the time! I'll go and get him and bring him."
 - Zombies vs. Unicorns, Holly Black; Justine Larbalestier (e altri) 

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